Privacy Policy

The My Cult Lashes website takes user privacy seriously. Our privacy policy will underline how we use your data, how we will communicate with you and how you can opt out from marketing communications (should you knowingly choose to opt in). Our site also uses cookies which remember your preferences each time you visit the site to make things like checking out, easier. They also tell us what pages you visit during your time on our website and we use this information to improve the quality of pages and content so you can make purchases or contact us without issue.


Using Our Online Shop: When you use our online shop to purchase from us we'll make sure we protect your interests and information. My Cult Lashes promises to never sell your data to any third parties and by using our online shop you are NOT automatically opted into any marketing communications. By using our online shop you consent to receive email updates regarding your order to the email you specified upon check out.


Use Of Cookies: The My Cult Lashes website uses cookies.If you're concerned that you haven't been correctly removed from our email list, please use contact our data protection officer using the following email address: We take your concerns about privacy and security seriously. If you need to contact us regarding anything that you may be worried about, please us by using the following email address:


When you make a purchase through the My Cult Lashes website we will need to collect information about your order and where you are in order to ship your products to you.

Your Email Address: To give you updates regarding the shipping status of your order and to allow to track its progress.

Your Home Address/Delivery Address: So we can ship your product to you.

Payment Details: Using Shopify as a platform we use payment providers to collect payment. This is done securely through reputable third-party payment websites.


My Cult Lashes will collect information from the following sources:

• Our Online Shop: When you purchase an item from our online shop (powered using Shopify) we’ll collect information relating to your order so we can ship your goods to you safely and securely.

My Cult Lashes will use your information to provide you with order and product updates (if you show express interest in receiving product updates) to help you understand when your order will arrive.

My Cult Lashes will use your personal information to send out your order to your specific address.

• Providing You Order Updates My Cult Lashes may also use your information to provide you with order status updates; shipping, tracking and when it gets dispatched.


If you opt in to our email list we’ll occasionally send you updates about new products, when we’re offering discounts and when we launch new products.


My Cult Lashes relies on the following legal bases to use your personal information.

The primary reason is to ensure you get the product you’ve paid for in brand new condition when it arrives at your delivery address.

To adhere to governmental and regulatory best practices with regards to respecting your privacy when you decide to use our online shop. To keep track of the order and order-related correspondence with your person to ensure you are treated fairly and kept informed throughout the delivery of your product/s. through the services provided by My Cult Lashes.

My Cult Lashes will take every step to ensure GDPR and legal compliance when delivering your order and sending you updates regarding it.

To process your personal information with regards to your order to ensure you get your product on time and in the best possible condition.


My Cult Lashes does not currently share your personal information with any other organisations or third parties. If we are ever required legally to share information with an organisation we will inform you as to why and what your options are with regards to this decision.

We do not currently, for any purposes, share your information with any other organisation or third party. If this changes we will update you and our privacy policy to reflect this and to inform you of what your rights are with regards to these changes.


Withdrawing Your Information: You can withdraw your consent at any time (though please note this may affect our ability to get the product to you) by contacting our data protection department. You can contact us regarding this by using the email: You can also refer to our ‘Terms of Service’ to find out how this will affect your relationship with us and any orders you may have placed My Cult Lashes will remove your information within one working month of receipt of your request to erase your data with us.

What Actions Should You Take If Your Information Changes:


The next time you checkout using our shop you can update your information there and then. However, if your information changes suddenly and you need to adjust your order information please get in touch with us.


Providing My Cult Lashes with your personal information allows us to ship our products to you and is essential if you’d like to receive your order

You will have to provide us with personal information in order for us to ship the product/s you’ve ordered to your specified delivery address.

What If I Do Not Wish To Provide Personal Information? My Cult Lashes will be unable to deliver your order to you as a result.


My Cult Lashes keeps data relating to your order (shipping address and your name) to make the next store checkout easier than the first time you visited us. For information such as card details, we do not store this information and it is only processed when you carry out an order.

We retain order information for our records to ensure we can provide accurate documentation should it ever be requested by law and to provide you with order information should you need a paper copy.


The new data protection laws (GDPR) have been put in place to ensure companies have your explicit consent when using online services, shops or other portals. It means you have the right to be informed, access your information, change it or request deletion of your information within one working month of you making the request:

The Right To Be Informed about the way in which My Cult Lashes processes your personal information and what we use it for.

If our records are inaccurate or if you've recently updated your details you have the right to contact us and request that we update your records, login information and any other personal information that My Cult Lashes may use when processing an order on your behalf.

If at any time you are unhappy with the information or method in which My Cult Lashes processes your information when making a purchase through our online store you can object to us directly or through the Information Commissioner's Office.

You have the right to restrict the frequency and way in which we process your personal information.

You have the right to request any or all information held by My Cult Lashes on your behalf to be deleted within one working month of your request.

You can make a formal request to access your personal information which is held by My Cult Lashes and we will aim to meet this request within one working month.

You can make a formal request to move, copy or transfer the information held on record by My Cult Lashes. Again, we aim to meet this request within one working month of us receiving your request.

You have the right to not be included in any process in which decisions are made about your data automatically and without your consent. The type of automated decisions that may affect you could have a potential legal effect on you or affects you in any other significant way.

You have the right to make a formal complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office by visiting this URL or you can contact My Cult Lashes data protection officer.


My Cult Lashes respects your right to object to any or all ways in which we process your personal information:

You can object to certain ways My Cult Lashes processes your information. E.g. if you are unsure if we have a legitimate legal reason to process the certain information you can request more information or make a formal objection.


My Cult Lashes will periodically update this privacy notice and notify you when we do so. As the GDPR rolls out My Cult Lashes will continue to make changes to this policy to ensure we comply with new data protection laws and regulations.


My Cult Lashes is available to answer any or all concerns you may have with regards to your privacy when paying for our services. Contact us at

The My Cult Lashes website will collect session data through Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics. This tells us which pages engage you as a customer or provide you with the information you were searching for. We also gain insights on how much time you spend on a single given page and whether or not you made a successful purchase by using our online shop. We also collect your personal data through the online checkout process and is limited to the fields required to deliver your goods to you.

Third-Party Advertising and Analytics:

If ever we advertise for third parties we will make it clear that links are affiliated with certain products or services. Our site uses Google Analytics to help us understand what information and pages you find useful.

Data Retention Period:

When you make a purchase from the My Cult Lashes online shop we will retain copies of all email correspondence between yourself and us regarding your order/s. Should you ever wish to refer back to emails when you initially make a purchase through our store we will have all the documentation available for you (regarding your order or interactions with support staff). As such, we will retain your information until a period of 12 months or more pass (at which time we will consider you a dormant shopper) and will remove all records of your previous shopping with us.